"The Green Blockchain"

A Solana transaction consumes approximately 2707 joules. That's about the equivalent of two Google searches

Support your favorite animal

Your contribution helps us to continually improve our zoo and supports our zoological research.

NFT Sponsorship or NFT Friendship?

It‘s your choice how you‘d like to support your favorite animal. Either way, you get a great NFT collectible and many other benefits.

NFT Sponsorship

With an NFT sponsorship, you are the sponsor of your favorite animal and can visit it at any time in the Haus des Meeres.  

There is limited availability corresponding with the number of individuals of each animal species in our zoo. 

As a thank you, you will also receive a great NFT, and a 10% discount on your admission ticket. 

The NFT Sponsorship runs for 1 year.

NFT Friendship

If you choose the NFT Friendship, you‘ll be helping all the animals at HdM. 

A budget friendly way to support your favorite animal and the Haus des Meeres. 

As a thank you, you will receive a great NFT, tickets, a digital certificate and many other benefits.

The NFT Friendship runs for 1 year.

How do we use the money?​
  With your financial support, you contribute to the preservation and expansion of our animal facilities, enable new projects and ensure that we make our exhibition areas even more attractive for animals and visitors.

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NFT and environmental protection?

 The increasingly large CO2 footprint of, and energy consumption by the cryptocurrency industry has become an ever growing issue in recent years.

Because many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum require significant energy resources for their transactions. Many new cryptocurrencies, such as the Solana coin, are designed to consume less energy and have a lower environmental impact. For this reason, Solana is the cryptocurrency used by the Haus des Meeres NFT sponsorships.