Blacktip Reefshark

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What is included in the packages?

NFT Sponsorship

1200 .00 

  • Sponsor your favorite animal for one year
  • NFT Collectible 
  • Annual ticket (valid Mon-Fri)
  • Voucher for a ring-tailed lemur encounter for 2 people​
  • Meet and Greet with Jeff Schreiner (our TikTok-Influencer)
  • Voucher for a private tour
  • 360° OCEAN SKY Breakfast for 2 people
  • Digital certificate
  • ​Display on the sponsorship monitor at the Haus des Meeres

NFT Friendship

480 ,00 €

  • Support the Haus des Meeres
  • NFT Collectible 
  • 10% discount on admission 
  • ​Mention on the HdM homepage


Lex Johannes

Johannes Lex is a Berlin-based creative and project manager with more than 8 years of experience in various visual fields of online and offline creation. His way of working is cutting edge and always at a different level with a focus on production efficiency and innovation.

Lex Johannes

Blacktip Reefshark 




Tropical Indo-Pacific

Interesting facts

Latin name: Carcharhinus melanopterus
Blacktip reef sharks need to swim constantly, including at night, to keep their gills supplied with fresh water.  ​

Where to find them in HdM

4th/5th and 7th floor