Haus des Meeres & NFT Sponsorship

Haus des Meeres & NFT Patenschaften

  What is the HdM and what is its purpose?​

The Haus des Meeres Aqua Terra Zoo is an educational institution that aims to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of animal diversity and insights into biological and ecological connections. Originally built as an anti-aircraft tower in World War II, over the last seven decades the building has been converted into a zoo following stringent scientific and ethical principles. Here you can gaze at more than 10,000 animals respresenting a wide variety of species on 11 different floors: sharks, turtles, tortoises, lizards, salt- and freshwater fish, birds, flying foxes, monkeys, and, and, and …

How do we use the money?​

The Haus des Meeres Aqua Terra Zoo is a private non-profit that does not receive outside financial support or government subsidies. All expenses are covered from the entrance fees or the income from the restaurant, the shop and the events. With your financial support, you ensure the preservation and expansion of our animal facilities, enable new projects and ensure that we make our exhibition areas even more attractive for animals and humans.

What are NFT sponsorships?

With an NFT sponsorship, you are sponsoring an individual animal that you can visit at any time in the Haus des Meeres. Sponsorships are limited to the number of individual animals of a given species that we have in the zoo. As a thank you, you will receive a great NFT, admission tickets, and many other benefits.

What are NFT Friendships?

If you choose the NFT-Friendship, you will help all the animals in the Haus des 
Meeres. This option is a budget friendly way to support your favorite animals and the HdM. As a thank you, you will receive a great NFT, a 10% discount on your admission ticket and a mention on the HdM homepage..

What is the difference between an NFT 
Sponsorship and an NFT Friendship?

With the NFT sponsorship, you will receive a certificate for your chosen animal. This proves that you are the sponsor for this animal for one year and also allows you to visit that animal at any time in the Haus des Meeres. Depending on the category, you will also receive special goodies and an NFT of the animal! With the NFT Friendship, you are supporting the animals as a friend of the Haus des Meeres, rather than as a direct sponsor, and will therefore receive an NFT but not a certificate.

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital object or asset. This digital object can be, for example, an image, video, song, ticket or much more. Blockchain technology gives this NFT a certificate that makes it unique and assignable to someone.

The blockchain is, so to speak, a logbook for NFTs, which records the data chronologically. The owner of the NFT is thus clearly assigned to the digital object. With the associated cryptocurrencies, these NFTs can be bought and sold. 

A comparison can be compared to a Rolex in real life. Not every watch that says Rolex is an original. A certificate is required for this. This makes it easier to assign objects in the digital space. With increasing digitization, this ownership assignment is also becoming more and more important.

Many international companies have already started NFT projects (Adidas, Coca Cola etc.). In Austria, too, there are already the first offshoots such as the post office (crypto stamp) or the Belvedere Museum (The Kiss). 

In addition, NGOs such as the WWF (NFA) already offer NFTs and thus offer the opportunity to protect endangered animal species. But with our NFT project we want to create something new and unprecedented. We are offering NFTs as sponsorships for a number of our animals. 

The first collection consists of 17 different sponsorships. Further collections are to follow in the coming years. The buyer not only sponsors their favorite animal, but also receives an artistically designed NFT, supports the Haus des Meeres and, depending on the animal category, receives incentives such as tickets or special tours that are otherwise not available for purchase.

With an NFT sponsorship, you are sponsoring an individual animal that you can visit at any time in the Haus des Meeres. Sponsorships are limited to the number of individual animals of a given species that we have in the zoo. As a thank you, you will receive a great NFT, admission tickets, and many other benefits. 

If you choose the NFT-Friendship, you will help all the animals in the Haus des Meeres. This option is a budget friendly way to support your favorite animals and the HdM. As a thank you, you will receive a great NFT, a 10% discount on your admission ticket and a mention on the HdM homepage. 

With the NFT sponsorship, you will receive a certificate showing that you are the sponsor of your chosen animal for one year. This also allows you to visit that animal at any time in the Haus des Meeres. Depending on the category, you will also receive special goodies and an NFT of the animal! With the NFT Friendship, you are supporting the animals as a friend of the Haus des Meeres, rather than as a direct sponsor, and will therefore receive an NFT but not a certificate. 

With the NFT-Friendship you also support the animals and receive an NFT but no certificate, since you are not a direct sponsor but a friend of the Haus des Meeres.​

The categories are made up of the different animals and the respective incentives. The animals in a higher category require more financial resources and are therefore more expensive. The higher the category, the more incentives there are for NFT sponsorships.

NFTs and environmental protection

The increasingly large CO2 footprint of, and energy consumption by the cryptocurrency industry has become an ever growing issue in recent years.

Because many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum require significant energy resources for their transactions. Many new cryptocurrencies, such as the Solana coin, are designed to consume less energy and have a lower environmental impact. For this reason, Solana is the cryptocurrency used by the Haus des Meeres NFT sponsorships. 

A transaction in the Solana network consumes (according to the Solana Energy Use Report) approx. 508 joules. A purchase of one Solana NFTs consumes approximately 3290 joules. This is almost equivalent to three Google searches. 

There are special wallets for this (for NFT, for example, Metamask or Phantom Wallet). These are comparable to a wallet or a bank account. If you store a lot of digital objects in them, you can also think of them as storage spaces for digital objects instead of real objects.

A wallet can be downloaded from the App Store with any smartphone or simply installed in the Internet browser with any laptop. After registration, you can load money into the wallet via bank transfer. This is then not displayed with the respective currency (euro or dollar), but converted directly into a cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Solana, etc.) and the value of the money is therefore on the blockchain.

In order to buy an NFT with the wallet, you then have to go to an NFT platform such as Opensea, Rarible or Solanart (similar to Amazon and Co.) on the Internet. On the site you connect your wallet and you can buy any digital object there with just one click. However, transaction fees (so-called gas fees) also apply here, such as credit card transactions.

Upon completion of the purchase, the NFT is transferred to your own wallet and you now own the digital object. We have tried to make the purchase on the website as easy as possible, so we have also made it possible to pay with FIAT currencies (real money). The reason for this is that we want to give sponsors the opportunity to support their favorite animals as easily as possible.

The first edition includes 17 sponsor animals with respective NFT artworks. The NFTs are designed as collectibles and will be further expanded depending on their success.

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Have you always wanted to feed a ring-tailed lemur or marvel at lemurs up close? Then you‘re in the right place!​
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More details

Jeff Schreiner is our veterinarian and now also a TikTok influencer. In his instructive videos he tells interesting stories and interesting facts about our different animals.