Goeldi’s Marmoset

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NFT Sponsorship

800 .00 

  • Sponsor your favorite animal for one year
  • NFT Collectible 
  • Annual ticket (valid Mon-Fri)
  • Voucher for a ring-tailed lemur encounter for 2 people​
  • Digital certificate
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NFT Friendship

360 ,00 €

  • Support the Haus des Meeres
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Dorin Stoica

I’m a freelance 3d artist, currently workingas a 3d modeler for interior design. I’m passionate about art and creating art. My work includes photorealistic 3D modeling and rendering, but in the future, I’m planning to produce a variety of 3d pipelines such as animation and VFX.

Dorin Stoica

Goeldi’s Marmoset


Fruits, insects


Western Amazon Basin​

Interesting facts

Latin name: Callimico goeldii
Goeldi‘s marmostes are tree dwellers which can jump up to 4 meters.

Where to find them in HdM

Tropical House