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What is included in the packages?

NFT Sponsorship

400 .00 

  • Sponsor your favorite animal for one year
  • NFT Collectible
  • Annual ticket (valid Mon-Fri)
  • Digital certificate
  • ​​Display on the sponsorship monitor at the Haus des Meeres

NFT Friendship

240 ,00 €

  • Support the Haus des Meeres
  • NFT Collectible
  • 10% discount on admission
  • ​Mention on the HdM homepage


Larissa Tomassetti

Larissa Tomassetti LT is an Austrian visual artist whose works are situated between painting, photography and performance. She works in the form of series of works, with the help of which she artistically explores large thematic complexes such as “Inversion”, life cycles (“Cocoon” series) or existential questions (“Red Point”).

Larissa Tomassetti



Plant material, insects, worms, crustaceans

Interesting facts

Latin name: Cyprinus rubrofuscus
Koi are a variety of carp that have been bred in captivity for their eye-catching, bright color patterns. Particularly beautiful koi demand high prices, with one individual having been traded for €1.5 million.

Where to find them in HdM

Ground floor