Crested Wood Partridge

​Support your favorite animal and acquire a sponsorship.

NFT Artist: Katrin Funckes

333.33 € 333.33 EUR 333.33 € MwSt. inklusive

333.33 € MwSt. inklusive

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What is included in the packages?

NFT  Sponsorship

400 .00 

  • Sponsor your favorite animal for one year 
  • NFT Collectible
  • Annual ticket (valid Mon-Fri)
  • Digital certificate
  • ​​​​Display on the sponsorship monitor at the Haus des Meeres

NFT Friendship

200 ,00 €

  • Support the Haus des Meeres
  • NFT Collectible
  •   10% discount on admission
  • ​Mention on the HdM homepage